This is it!  All your preparation is done, so now it’s time to deliver!

4:15 pm    Arrive
Contestants arrive in the Hospitality Room (the Community Room located between the Exhibition Hall and Special Events Building), dressed in attire to be worn for whole evening

5:00 pm    Interviews Begin
Timed at 5-8 minutes per contestant
Relax and smile - they are very nice people
Competitors will be interviewed in alphabetical order of their sponsoring organization

6:00 pm    Buffet Dinner         
Contestants will be seated at tables with a judge, committee members, dignitaries (President of PAS, President of Homecraft Division, local politicians and their spouses)
There will be time to freshen up, review speech, relax before public part of competition begins

7:30 pm     Public Portion of Competition
Introductions: Contestants will go onto stage one at a time, walk to microphone to introduce self and sponsor, step to back of stage until all have been introduced, then all contestants will leave stage together
Speech: Contestants will be called onto stage individually to deliver their speech and then leave stage to resume seat

1st  Intermission:

Impromptu Questions: All contestants will be invited onto stage together for individual impromptu questions

2nd Intermission:

Reigning Ambassador’s farewell speech
Competitors will be called onto stage
Presentation of gift bags
Runner up will be announced, gifts presented.
Fair Ambassador will be announced, gifts presented

A reception in the Hospitality Room will follow.

Competition Schedule

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