Ambassador Program


The Role of the Ambassador

The Paris Fair Ambassador represents our organization during the Fair and throughout the year by interacting with our guests, volunteers and exhibitors on The Society’s behalf.  Our Ambassador will be called upon to deliver impromptu, prepared speeches and greetings at many events.

Dates to Remember

July 1st - Applications due for 2018 Ambassador Competition
August 15
th - Orientation Night  6:30-9:00pm, Exhibition Hall, Paris Fairgrounds
Thursday, August 30
th - Monday, September 3rd - Paris Fall Fair
Thursday, August 30
th - 54th Paris Fair Ambassador Competition

Kaitlyn Clark
2018 Paris Fair Ambassador
Sponsor - Paris Lions Club

I hope to one day go on a mission trip, to help people who have much less than I do and truly understand the circumstances they live in, to gain perspective and gratitude towards the life that I have.  I hope to travel to many parts of the world, immersing myself into different cultures and meet many interesting people.  I also hope to one day become fluent in sign language.

Favourite Fair Memory

My favourite fair memory is the very first bracelet day, I had ever gone to.  It was 2011, I met my bet friend and her parents. We managed to go on every ride and ate copious amounts of cotton candy, but the imagination we used on each rides is why this was my favourite memory.  We went on the Freak-Out and we pretended we were taken by a giant and he had been throwing us around.  When we went on the kite ride, we pretended that we were given the superpower to fly.  Being able to have the opportunity to use our imagination, allowed me to realize that the fair is a place for everyone to be a kid at heart and bring people together to create experiences that will be remembered.

Career Plan

My career plan is to become a Teacher.  I hope to be certified to teach Primary/Intermediate levels.  I want to major in both English and Drama and create a space for students to feel comfortable, safe and exited to learn everyday.

Kaitlyn Clark
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